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Operational Information

Public Services Reform Returns

The following reports set out the annual information required under the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010.

Public Service Reform 2015-2016 - Financial Disclosure

Public Service Reform 2015-2016 - Sustainability Report

Previous Disclosure Statements 

Public Services Reform 2014-2015- Financial Disclosure

Public Services Reform 2014-2015 -Sustainability Report

Public Services Reform 2013-14 - Finance and Sustainability

 Public Services Reform 2012-13 - Finance and Sustainability

 Public Services Reform 2011-12 - Finance and Sustainability

 Public Services Reform 2010-11 - Finance and Sustainability

Register of Interests

Register of Interests 2016 to present

Register of Interests 2015-16 

Register of Interests 2014-15

Register of Interests 2013-14

Biodiversity Statement

Biodiversity Report 2011-2014 


The Commissioner has contracts with the following companies:

 Providers of SRWR            Symology Ltd
 Legal Services            Anderson Strathern
 Website Management            C2 Software Ltd